Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions that usually last around 6-8 weeks before needing adjustments. More permanent and less bulky than clip-in extensions, they offer quick and easy application and a natural-looking finish. Applied close to the root with tape, slight amounts of natural hair are sandwiched between small wefts creating a flat, natural finish and an instant, strong bond. They are an excellent choice for thick locks and everyday styling and are also perfect for fine hair, as natural hair can easily conceal each flat weft. You can apply one taped weft for those with more delicate hair and secure it with single-sided tape.

How Long Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

From your first fitting, you can expect your natural beaded weft extensions in hair extensions to last for up to eight weeks before they’ll need adjusting and refitting. If you’ve been thinking about having extensions but are worried about how well you will be able to look after them, the great thing about tape-ins is that they aren’t a long-term commitment. If you love them and look after them correctly, your sew-in beaded weft extensions hair can easily be reused if it’s removed professionally and re-taped with new tape.

The entire lifespan of your tape-in hair extensions, with refitting and adjusting included, is determined by which extensions you choose and how well you commit to the aftercare process. If you are looking for tape in hair extensions in Dallas, Tx, we’re the ultimate destination! Available in many colors and lengths, they can last over 12 months with the correct aftercare, proving that if you stick to recommended aftercare and maintenance appointments, your extensions will be worth every penny!

Why Pams Tape-In Hair Extensions?

  • The quick and easy application method of 30-90 minutes without any need for heat
  • Semi-permanent extensions last up to 8 weeks before needing adjustments
  • Wefts lay completely flat to the head for a natural look that works great in both thick and thin hair
  • It can be reused multiple times if removed correctly and re-applied with new tape
  • Application method won’t damage natural hair
  • Easy to remove

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