Hair is considered a women’s most important accessory! We understand that our clients need the best for themselves, and so they are interested in high-quality hair extensions. Pams Hair Extensions offers a variety of hair extensions to the public and the professional, so feel free to visit us and transform the look of your hair now!

Our clients will benefit from themselves by availing of our hair extension consultation, service, and purchases, all of it just in one visit. Pam Hair Design believes in originality, so we source ethical, traceable human hair and make sure that it becomes 100% Remy and Double Drawn. Meaning that all of the human natural hair qualities are persevered in your extensions just by undergoing a unique process in the factory.

To preserve the health and color vibrancy of the hair extension, we follow an exclusive process. As soon as the hair bundles get into the production cycle, they become Double Drawn, meaning that the hair strands have the same thickness from bottom to top. Then, we divide it and match it as per the different lengths. Afterward, the hair follows a special process in order to make it Remy, which helps in bringing into line the natural direction of the hair cuticles and provides protection from hair damage. This is how hair strands of different lengths and shades are professionally blended manually to add volume to the natural appearance of our client’s hair.