Conventional extensions are fitted once the person’s natural hair is braided against the scalp in the direction the extensions are installed. This plait was the foundation for the hair weft to be installed. The following new trend of extensions was adhesive-based extensions, in which extensions adhered with various applications.

With the braidless sew-in on short natural hair, you need neither glue nor braids! Not all hair can support the tightness of being braided for eight weeks, and adhesive can be scary! Instead, go for the beaded row/braid less sew-in technique. It’s a unique method of installation that creates a foundation for the extensions with microbeads or micro links.

Braid-less sew-ins are also called “flat tracks” or “skip tracks.” The only modification between a beaded row and a more traditional braid less sew-In is another thread looping together all the beads. This other thread provides extra support for the extensions once fitted. After setting up, the care for the extension is negligible – just follow your regular hair care routine! The braidless sew-in Dallas Tx is perfect for someone who wants to try something different – one that is both adhesive and pain-free! The installation will last almost 6-8 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate.


A braidless sew-in is perfect for individuals with hair that does not stay well in long-term braids or for those who hate the residue leftover from other adhesive extension techniques. This way is ideal for those people who admire a glam top knot or ponytail. Once correctly installed, the wigs won’t show at all – not even with an Arianna Grande-style ponytail! The braidless sew in approaches are completely adhesive-free, making moving them up or removal almost effortless. Additionally, these methods allow for installing an extension with the least amount of contact points with the client’s own head/hair. The slight contact points allow easy access to the scalp. As such, a client can easily wash and condition without issue. Some feel that the braidless sew-in is the healthiest method for installing extensions due to the minimal contact points.