Beaded weft wigs are a type of hair extension where the hair is sewn into a horizontal band, which is called a weft. We then secure the extension to your head by pairing small sections of the strand of extensions with your own hair. This pair is then connected using a bead that sits right up against the roots of your hair. The sound of a bead connecting your extension to your hair may sound alarming, but the bead is tiny and will be the same color as the extensions.

Invisible Bead Hair Extensions

Invisible bead extensions utilize rows of extension hair that wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape. Typically, our application is made up of between one to three rows of hair. The rows of hair are attached by anchoring a row of beads in a horseshoe around your head and then stitching the extension hair to it. The whole process, including coloring, takes between three to four and a half hours to complete. The beads remain hidden throughout the entire wear of extensions under the wefts of hair placed above and below the beaded row.

The Benefits Of Beaded Weft Extensions

You may be wondering what makes beaded filling extensions unique. For one, they are crafted with durable, high-quality fibers. Each weft is triple-stitched, meaning they are strong and can stand the test of time. Plus, beaded weft extensions do not use heat, glue, tape, or chemicals during the installation. Instead, your hair is paired with the extension and sewn into place in a way that won’t damage your hair follicle. These hair extensions won’t hurt your hair, and if you don’t like the color, you won’t have to wait for it to wash out to try something else!