About Us

Are you bored of your existing hairstyle and want to switch it up to something stylish? If yes, then you are at the right place. Pams Hair Designs is a salon operated by a professional hair specialist offering reliable sew-in and other types of hair extension services. From an upcoming future hair specialist with 18 years of experience to the owner of the most successful hair salons in the region of DFW (Dallas, Fort Worth).

Pams Hair Designs is here to help women experiencing long, thick, and shining hair than ever before. We choose the right products and services for our customers depending on their hair needs.

We are one of the best industry head-to-toe beauty resources. Customers rely on us because we are the only service providers in the region of DFW (Dallas, Fort Worth) that give them what they value most: step-by-step process education, hair care recommendations, and creative inspiration to help them the desired results hair look.

We aim to cater to our client’s needs through our exclusive services of premium extensions at affordable prices. We focus on being hyper-competitive hair care industry and emphasize using quality products while pampering your hair.


Four fundamentals that contribute to making Pams Hair Designs better and different from others in the region of DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) are listed below:


We use one consistent approach that is innovative enough to provide you an option of personalized hair length, meaning that you can get the desired hair length just as you want. We offer top high-standard hair extensions applied to your hair with a new method and modern techniques. Our goal is to add hair extensions and add lengths while maintaining the health of your hair.


When your hair stops growing naturally, we do it artificially that doesn’t seem a bit like that. We work to give you the dream hair that you want by offering extensive hair extensions method available.


We aim to cater to your needs for perfect hair extensions, and so we do our job
professionally, but here comes your job: to uphold the high quality of your hair between visits. And so, one of the significant determining elements in the love of your hair is the products you use.


We aim to deliver a full-salon experience to our lovely ladies that is completely personalized to you. As we know that fashion trends change with time, and so does hair. We are committed to giving you the best experience by doing our best. Through constant stopover and refocus of efforts, we ensure to maintain an effective approach that lets you achieve your hair goals.

Trends change, and so does hair. We are committed to doing our best consistently by stopping and refocusing our efforts that help in maintaining a better approach to your hair.

In conclusion, we understand the power of the hair of a woman. So, Pams Hair Designs do not take this responsibility lightly by being an integral part of your beauty regimen, looking forward to meeting you.